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What is a storage unit estate sale?

Items from a tear-down estate sale include a ceiling fan, toilet, shelving, light fixtures, furniture, mirrors, and walls.

A storage unit estate sale takes place when a client wants to liquidate all property held in one or more storage units. These storage units could be public or private. Public storage units are usually many units rented by many storage customers; estate sales at a public property will typically feature only the unit(s) rented by a single client. Private storage units are storage building(s) or garage(s) on private property, typically owned by our estate sale client.

Items available at a storage unit estate sale can vary widely from antiques and collectibles to camping essentials and sporting goods or art and furniture to vinyl albums and board games. One might even have a storage unit sale exclusively full of a single item type such as vehicles or machinery.

Pack Rats Estate Sales will always give you a preview of items available at a storage unit estate sale we host so you'll know what to expect. You can watch our Estate Sales page, subscribe to Estate Sale Notification emails, and/or follow the Pack Rates Estate Sales Facebook Page for estate sale details and previews.


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